I am an agent selling toys all over Europe and looking for exclusive toys importer. Look on


Yves de Crayencour found his way  very early in the toy world, where he has brought his qualities of intermediary and “brand revealer” to bear for no fewer than five decades. As such, the team he heads in the New European Toys project undeniably capitalizes on the experience gained previously under the aegis of Ita Toys. 

But Yves de Crayencour is far more than a simple go-between! From the moment a toy speaks to the child’s heart which he has managed to retain (in spite of some additional springs!), he will spare no effort to showcase this product and to help it “conquer Europe” in the literal sense!


I want to explain the global situation of ITATOYS

  1. We had made a grand plan to introduce different Russian toys producers in Europe ,and the plan was running good till the Vladimir decide to attack the Ukraine country
    so my plan where simply destroyed on February 24th 
  1. I have been able to save 2 collections the globes and the Ortho puzzle that we could move to CZ
  2. I the same movement I had the opportunity to offer a new collection from CZ
  3. Then in same spirit of the will to introduce the Russian toys producer I decide to try to find a possible business to introduce Turkish toy producer. Yes !! And I found different collections that show very attractive qualities. And prices and offer me to be their agent for Europe. yes!! Six new collections 😊 😊
  4. So ITATOYS is now stronger than before   (thank you Vladimir !! 😉)
  5. As ever will work on the base of exclusive distributors and give a priority to the one I work yet !!
  6. But I need to make new deal for the Turkish collections and for the CZ one     so please let me know if you be interested by one or more collections